Our culture

Our Vision

We seek to create value for our clients and community through the employment of purposeful, passionate, and driven people who are supported to realise their potential.

To achieve this, we have a unique employee culture that:

  • Brings together like-minded people¬†
  • Is family and community oriented
  • Works toward better future for our people
  • Leverages the collective diversity of experience, and
  • Has a bias for diversity and inclusion.
Our Culture

Our bias for inclusion is what we believe makes the Holan culture so unique. Inclusion of thought, perspectives, and people. Holan operates in an open structure, in that all of our people are given equal access to knowledge, opportunity and growth options.

Our culture manifests through our values of:

  • Transparency – with ourselves and our clients
  • Innovation – ideas into action
  • Respect – stewardship, not ownership

The more this culture resonates with you, these values sound like you and describe people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Holan.

Do you like what you hear? Please get in touch we are always looking for new people and opportunities.